What our customers have to say about us.

"Schuman's Heat and Air offers GREAT service. Honest and dependable!!! They show up asap and have saved me money on my elect bill. Thank you soooo much!! " Michelli Lee

"I agree. They have helped us on several occasions. We highly recommend them! " Billye Wiggins Rhudy

"Last September made one year with the Lennox XC21 HVAC system and we have had ZERO problems. The programmable thermostat lets us set the air to re-circulate so when we run the wood fired stove to help with heating the system filters and recirculates the air throughout the house, helping the wood fired stove distribute heat throughout the house. We do change individual filters on the returns which helps the main 5" thick filter stay clean. Hard to believe the filter needs to be replaced only once or twice a year. The daily scheduler lets us take advantage of lower use in the night time and more comfort in the day time. Really nice and we don't have to touch the thing. Also using the load calculations helped us purchase the right sized unit for the house and we have been really happy with such small utility bills, and the propane fired heat provided quick comfortable heat throughout the house. Thanks again for a job well done & Merry Christmas, " Steve and Dianna Bossard--South Mountain

"As the Lennox Territory Manager I have come to know Darrel, Dina, and their staff over the past 2 1/2 years quite well. I could not think of a better company to do business with than Schuman's. Darrel has proven that not only is he competent in his profession but he is honest, competitive, and thorough. If you have ANY needs for an HVAC company not only do they carry the endorsement of Lennox as a Dave Lennox Premier Dealer, but they carry my personal endorsement as well!!!" Joshua Adams